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Free Consultation
Discuss your projects and ideas in a free 15-minute call. We'll decide if my skills and services are the right fit for you.
Define your target audience and project goals
Brainstorm and iterate on project ideas
Discuss different types of editing and content creation
Estimate your project's budget and timeline
Determine if our business values and goals align
Get an estimated quote for your project
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Character Creation
Learn the basics of TTRPGs and create a custom character in this 1-on-1 stress-free workshop.
Roll stats and learn about polyhedral dice
Brainstorm backstory, ideals, and flaws
Choose your race, class, and background
Practice playing as your new character
Learn about skills, abilities, and feats
Get help finding a campaign to play in
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1-on-1 Writing Coaching
Brainstorm ideas, get help with your outline and plot, or just be held accountable for meeting your word count goals.
Fiction or non-fiction writers of all levels are welcome!
Flexible: Can be one-time, weekly, or monthly check-ins
Define target audience, discuss voice and tone
Get unstuck with strategies to combat writer's block
Brainstorm, iterate on ideas, and create better outlines
Discuss goals and make a plan to achieve them
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For long-term projects.
Rates subject to change.
Ghost writing, technical writing, and major editing
Create exams, assessments, and lab activities
Audio and video production, including voiceovers
Content management in an LMS or social media channel
Learning experience design and gamification
Project management and business consulting
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