Content editing, tailor-fit for you.

Any content. From science fiction to science facts, and even stuff in-between.
Any target audience. From kindergarteners to experts in your field.
Any format. From tiktoks and tweets to novels and documentaries.

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Personalized editorial service

I won't just send you a document covered in red ink. I'll work with you to improve any genre of writing and help you become a better writer. You'll get:

• Feedback on your most common errors and how to avoid them in the future
• Suggestions on how to turn complex ideas into simple, accessible text
Edits customized for your target audience and genre, both fiction and non-fiction
• Mentorship to make sure your unique voice doesn't get lost in the editorial process

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  • Proofreading
    Copy edits to make sure your text is clear, concise, and free of errors

  • Structural edits
    Look at the big picture so the entire project works together seamlessly

  • Content leveling
    Check that jargon and complexity suits the level of expertise of your target audience

  • Ideation and development
    Brainstorm, outline ideas, and decide whether a project is a tweet or a novel

Traditional editing

From proofreading to structural edits and everything in-between.


For high school and college students. Admissions essays, term papers, scholarship applications, science fair projects, cover letters, and other writing. Get professional advice early in your academic career.

Starting from $0.01 per word


Science fiction, fantasy, romance, comedy, mysteries, histories, and other fiction. Get short stories or novels professionally edited before you submit them for publication or self-publish on platforms like Kindle.

Starting from $0.025 per word


White papers, blogs, user manuals, academic articles, books, and other nonfiction. I'll consider any field, but I have the most experience with social sciences, cognitive sciences, technology, and game design.

Starting from $0.04 per word

What are others saying?

Onna is highly creative and talented in all writing forms, from journalism to documentation, and she learns anything new quickly. Her background in linguistics has made her an unusually effective editor with the rare ability to see what can improve both the clarity and the reading enjoyability of just about anything that’s written. Even more rare, Onna happens to be a gifted team player and speaker, being insightful and naturally empathetic and patient as well as a lot of fun to work with.

Monte Lorenzet

Former technical editor at
Akamai, Raychem, and Apple

As long as I've known her, Onna has been my go-to person for technical documentation, user onboarding, editorial projects, and style guides. Every project has showcased her exceptional ability to understand complex knowledge domains and tailor content to project and audience needs. Of course, we all want a fun colleague, and I'm happy to say that her Onna's talent and professionalism are matched by her great interpersonal skills and sense of fun. TL;DR? If you need a writer, and she's available, what are you waiting for?

Justin English

UX Designer and Project Manager